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Senoue Nobuyasu (瀬上 信康?, 1553 - 1617) was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku through early Edo periods. Also known as Matashirō (又四郎), Nakatsukasa (中務), or by his court title, Settsu-no-kami (摂津守). Another name he used was Kageyasu (景康).[1] Served two generations of the Date clan, Terumune, and Masamune.[1] Nobuyasu served in many campaigns under the Date clan, particularly at the Sōma Campaign. He held Ōzosō Castle in the Shōta district (Shōta-gun 信夫郡).[1]

His descendant Senoue Shūzen, also a Sendai retainer, served in the Boshin War.


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