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Second Battle of Zrínyiújvár
Part of the Austro-Turkish War (1663-1664)
DateNovember 27, 1663
LocationZrínyiújvár/Novi Zrin, Hungarian-Croatian border
Result Hungarian-Croatian victory
Kingdom of Hungary
Kingdom of Croatia
Ottoman Empire
Crimean Khanate
Commanders and leaders
Miklós Zrínyi
Péter Zrínyi
Unknown 16,000

The Second Battle of Zrínyiújvár (Croatian language: Novi Zrin ) was fought on November 27, 1663 as part of the Austro-Turkish War (1663-1664), between the Kingdom of Hungary under the command of Ban Miklós Zrínyi and an Ottoman army. The battle took place near Zrínyiújvár (Zrínyi family's fortress) in present-day Croatia and was a Hungarian-Croatian victory.


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