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The Second Battle of Kulm or the Battle of Teplitz was fought on 17 September 1813 heights immediately above Kulm, by a Coalition army commanded by the Austrian field marshal, Prince of Schwarzenberg, and a French army under the command of the Emperor Napoleon. It resulted in a French defeat.[1]


Seventeen days after the French lost the First Battle of Kulm, another engagement took place, on nearly the same ground, between the Prince of Schwarzenberg and Napoleon in person, who was marching on Teplitz after his victory at Dresden (26–27 August).[2]


The battle was fought on 17 September, upon the heights immediately above Kulm; and its results compelled the French to abandon their advance, and retreat to Leipzig, where they sustained another defeat (Battle of Leipzig, 16–19 October 1813).[2]


  1. Also known under the alternative spelling of the Battle of Toeplitz
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  • This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Turnbull, Peter Evan (1840). "Austria". London: J. Murray. p. 17. 

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