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Second Battle of Cobadin
Part of Romanian Campaign (1916)
Date19 October 1916 – 25 October 1916
LocationRasova, Cobadin, Cernavodă; Romania
Result Central Powers victory; capture of Cernavodă - Constanța railway and port
 Kingdom of Bulgaria
 German Empire
 Ottoman Empire
 Kingdom of Romania
 Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
German Empire August von Mackensen
Bulgaria Stefan Toshev
Bulgaria Todor Kantardzhiev
Ottoman Empire Mustafa Hilmi Pasha
Russian Empire Andrei Zayonchkovski
Romania Alexandru Averescu
Kingdom of Bulgaria65 battalions and 28 squadrons; 60,207 riflemen
Ottoman Empire 18 battalions; 11,374 riflemen
German Empire 13 battalions
Total: 96 battalions and 28 squadrons; 71,581+ riflemen [1]
Kingdom of Romania 71 battalions and 8 squadrons
Russian Empire 45 battalions and 32 squadrons
Total: 116 battalions and 40 squadrons[1]
Casualties and losses

Kingdom of Bulgaria 11,575+[2]
Ottoman Empire 5,432 [2]
German Empire unknown

Total: 17,007+ [2]

The Second Battle of Cobadin was a battle fought from 19 to 25 October 1916 between the Central Powers, chiefly the Bulgarian Third Army and the Entente, represented by the Russo - Romanian Army of the Dobrogea. The battle ended in decisive victory for the Central Powers and the occupation of the strategic port of Constanţa and capture of the railway between that city and Cernavodă.

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