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Second Battle of Artois
Part of the Western Front of the First World War
Capture of Carency aftermath 1915 1.jpg
Aftermath of fighting in Carency
Date9 May – 18 June 1915
LocationArtois, France
50°30′N 2°45′E / 50.5°N 2.75°E / 50.5; 2.75Coordinates: 50°30′N 2°45′E / 50.5°N 2.75°E / 50.5; 2.75
Result Stalemate

France France
United Kingdom United Kingdom

  •  British Raj
German Empire German Empire
Commanders and leaders
France Philippe Pétain
France Joseph Joffre
United Kingdom Douglas Haig
German Empire Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria
9 French & British divisions (initial)
20 divisions (final)
18 divisions (final)
Casualties and losses
France 73,000 casualties
United Kingdom 5,000 casualties
German Empire 74,000 casualties

The Second Battle of Artois, of which the British contribution was the Battle of Aubers Ridge, was a battle on the Western Front of the First World War, it was fought at the same time as the Second Battle of Ypres. Even though the French under General Philippe Pétain gained some initial victories, the battle ended in what was largely a stalemate. This was the final allied offensive of the spring of 1915, followed by a lull in the fighting until September 1915 which saw the Second Battle of Champagne, the Third Battle of Artois and the Battle of Loos.


François Faber, winner of the 1909 Tour de France, died during the battle, on 9 May 1915.

The British order of battle

I Corps : 1st Division and 47th (1/2nd London) Division
IV Corps : 7th Division and 8th Division
Indian Corps : 3rd (Lahore) Division and 7th (Meerut) Division
First Wing, RFC [1]

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