Second Battle of Çatalca

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2 Battle of Çatalca
Part of First Balkan War
Date03 February 1913 - 03 April 1913
LocationÇatalca Line
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Ottoman Flag.svg  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Radko Dimitriev Ottoman Flag.svg Nazim Pasha

The Second Battle of Çatalca fought between 3 February 1913 - 3 April 1913 was one of the continuous skirmishes of the First Balkan War. Upon expiration of the armistice, on 3 February [O.S. 21 January] 1913, hostilities recommenced and the Second Battle of Çatalca began. It was a series of thrusts and counter-thrusts by both the Ottomans and the Bulgarians and lasted until 3 April 1913.[1]


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