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Scipion-class ship of the line
Combat du Scipion conte le London-Rossel de Cercy mg 5096.jpg
Scipion raking HMS London during the Action of 18 October 1782.
Class overview
Name: Scipion
Operators:  French Navy
Completed: 3
General characteristics
Class & type: Scipion class
Tons burthen: 1500 tonnes
Length: 53.8 metres
Beam: 14.1 metres
Draught: 7.3 metres
Propulsion: Sails
Armament: 74 to 78 guns of various weights of shot

The Scipion class was type of 74-gun ships designed by Francois-Guillaume Clairin-Deslauriers. It comprised three ships:

Builder: Rochefort
Launched: 19 September 1778
Fate: wrecked off San Domingo in October 1782
Builder: Rochefort
Launched: launched 5 October 1778
Fate: Razéed to 50-gun frigate in June 1794
Builder: Rochefort
Launched: 5 November 1778
Fate: BU 1805

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