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Schoonselhof Cemetery (Antwerpen Schoonselhof) is located in Hoboken, Antwerp, a suburb of Antwerp, Belgium.

Schoonselhof Cemetery has a Jewish section.

There is also a Commonwealth war graves plot containing the graves of 1,557 British Commonwealth service personnel who died in the World Wars, 101 from World War I and 1,455 from World War II, besides 16 Polish and 1 French war burial, a United States airman attached to the British Royal Air Force, and 16 non-war graves, mainly of merchant seamen. The plot was laid out by the Commission's Principal Architect, Philip Hepworth.[1]

The cemetery was mentioned in the TV show GRIMM, Episode 14 of Season 1.

Notable interments[]

  • Désiré Beaurain (1881–1963) Olympic fencer
  • Peter Benoit (1834–1901), composer
  • Pierre Bruno Bourla (1783–1866), architect
  • Gaston Burssens (1896–1965), writer
  • Hendrik Conscience (1812–1883), writer
  • Jan Cox (1919–1980), painter
  • Henri De Braekeleer (1840–1888), artist
  • Herman De Coninck (1944–1997), writer and journalist
  • Willem Elsschot (1882–1960), author
  • Marnix Gijsen (1899–1984), writer
  • Ferre Grignard (1939–1982), rock singer
  • Emiel van Heurck (1871-1931), folklorist
  • Alice Nahon (1896–1933), poet
  • Hugues C. Pernath (1931–1975), writer
  • John Rankin Rathbone (1910-1940), British MP, killed in action (Commonwealth war graves plot)
  • François Rom (1882–1942), Olympic fencer
  • Bernard Tokkie (1867–1942), opera singer
  • Paul Van Ostaijen (1896–1928), writer
  • Gerard Walschap (1898–1989), writer


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