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Sarasgad Fort
Raigad District, Maharashtra
Type Hill fort
Coordinates Latitude:
Height 1600ft
Open to
the public
Controlled by Indian Govt.
Occupants Nil

Sarasgadसरसगड fort is situated near villagePali in the Raigad districtof Maharashtra. Pali lies about 10 kilometres East of Nagothane along the Nagothane-Khopoli road..

Sarasgad Fort

Sarasgad Fort is the twin of Sudhagad Fort.[1] It can be identified by its four pinnacles and thus was mainly used as a watch place to check the surrounding region. The construction of the fort is now not in a good condition but the huge rock steps are something to be seen. There are two routes which lead to the top of this fort from Pali. On the top is the Shiva temple providing an excellent panoramic view of all the mountain ranges surrounding this area. Sudhagad, Sankshi fort, Sagargad and TailBaila can be easily viewed from the top of Sarasgad.

This fort height from sea level is 490 meters. There are many caves which were used for soldiers and other purposes because the fort has very little area available on its top. There are around ten tanks carved in rocks. They provide cool water supply throughout the year, which is very important for any fort. Shivaji Maharaj gave 2000 hones (golden coin used as currency during Shivaji Maharaj's time) for repairing the fortifications of this fort.[2] Till independence this fort was in Bhor princely state. On the way from the south there are 111 steps carved in stone. The door from this side is known as 'Dindi darvaja'.


Among the Ashtavinayakas, Ballaleshwar at Pali is the only Ganesha who is famous by the name of his devotee and who is dressed up as a Brahmin. This place is nestled between the fort Sarasgad and Amba River.


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Coordinates: 18°33′25″N 73°13′06″E / 18.5570°N 73.2182°E / 18.5570; 73.2182

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