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Samochód Pancerny wzór 29
POL sam panc wz29.jpg
Type Armored car
Place of origin  Poland
Production history
Designer Rudolf Gundlach
Designed 1929
Number built 10 to 13
Weight 4.8 t
Length with MG: 5.49
without MG: 5.15 m
Width 1.85 m
Height 2.48 m
Crew 4 (driver, backward driver, commander/gunner, rear gunner)

Armor 4-10 mm
37 mm SA-18 Puteaux L/21 gun
2 x 7.92 mm wz. 25 Hotchkiss machine guns
Engine Ursus-2A 4-cylinder gasoline
35 hp (26 kW)
Power/weight 7.3 hp/tonne
Suspension wheels, 4 x 2
380 km
Speed 35 km/h

Samochód Pancerny wzór 29 ("armoured car 1929 pattern"), commonly known as Ursus or CWS, was a Polish interwar heavy armored car. A handful of these vehicles saw combat during the Polish-German War of 1939.

History and description[]

The car was designed in 1929 by Rudolf Gundlach. The vehicle was based on the chassis of the Ursus A 2-ton truck (Italian S.P.A. 25C modified by Ursus Mechanical Works in Warsaw), the armored body was built by CWS, Warsaw. The initial armament consisted of the French 37 mm low-velocity gun in the turret front, 7.92 mm machine guns in the turret left-rear and right-rear at 120 degrees to the gun (all operated by the commander), and another 7.92 mm MG in the hull rear (operated by the rear gunner). Although this arrangement helped to achieve good balance of the turret, it was awkward to use. In the mid-1930s the right turret machine gun was removed. The car carried 96 rounds for the main gun and 4032 MG rounds in 16 252-round belts.

The vehicle was sufficiently armed and armored for late 1920s, but was underpowered, lacked all-wheel drive (which led to poor off-road mobility) and had high silhouette. Because of these shortcomings, only between 10 and 13 cars were built.

Combat history[]

Although obsolete by 1939, the car was still in service at the outbreak of the Second World War. 8 vehicles were assigned to the 11th armoured battalion of the Mazowiecka Cavalry Brigade, Army Modlin, as a reconnaissance unit. The vehicles acted well in combat, but by 16 September all of them were lost.

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