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Samangad is a hill fort in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra. It is 2,600 feet (790 m) above sea level. The fort is situated on the oval-shaped top of the hill. The eight-foot-high wall of the fort which encircled the hill top is still intact. Earlier several cisterns cut out of the rock ensured a plentiful supply of water to the fort but by 1957 most of them were in ruins.[1]

In 1676, the fortifications were considerably improved by Shivaji, subsequent to which it was known as one of the "smallest yet strongest forts" of the Marathas. In 1844, the Samangad garrison rebelled and took over the fort, shutting the gates. But it was stormed by the British Raj under a General Delamotte and retaken from the rebelling soldiers. The British Raj dismantled the fort and it has been in ruins ever since.[1]

The fort is surrounded by trees; it is developed by the government of Maharashtra as a tourist place. Also Maruti temple and Chaloba temple near fort is visited by devotees. A village near fort is Naukud and Chinchewadi which is a rural area. The spoken languages around this fort is Marathi and Kannada. People around this fort celebrate Samangad fair on the first Wednesday after Shivratri which is in February or March every year. During this time they perform lot of events including bullock cart race, horse cart race, bicycle race, entertainment during night time and much more.


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