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The following units and commanders fought at the Battle of Salamanca on July 22, 1812 during the Peninsular War.

Abbreviations used

Military rank


Allied Army

Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Army: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

Commander-in-Chief of the Portuguese Army: Marshal William C. Beresford (w) Ltc De Lancy, Deputy Quartermaster-General (acting as Quartermaster-General)

Ltc May, Adjutant-General (Royal Artillery) (w)

Ltc Dundas

Ltc Sturgeion

Ltc Waters

Maj Scovell

Mr. Bisset, Commissary-General

Dr. MacGregor, Surgeion-General

BG Don Miguel R. de Álava y Esquivel, Spanish Liaison officer

BG Don Joseph O`Lawlor, Spanish Liaison officer

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     MG Henry Campbell

Fermor's Brigade

Col Thomas W. Fermor

Wheatley's Brigade

MG William Wheatley

Lowe's Brigade

MG Baron Lowe (or von Löw)

  • 1st Line Battalion, King's German Legion
  • 2nd Line Battalion, King's German Legion
  • 5th Line Battalion, King's German Legion

Third Division
     MG Edward Pakenham

Wallace's Brigade

Ltc Alexander Wallace

  • 1st Battalion, 45th Foot: Ltc Forbes (w), Maj Greenwell (w)
  • 74th Foot
  • 1st Battalion, 88th Foot: Maj Murphy (k)
  • 5th Battalion, 60th Foot (3 companies): Ltc Williams (w), Maj Galiffe (w)
J. Campbell's Brigade

Ltc James Campbell (w)

Power's Portuguese Brigade (8th Brigade)

Col Manley Power

Fourth Division
     LTG Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole (w)

W. Anson's Brigade

MG William Anson

Ellis' Brigade

Ltc Henry W. Ellis

Stubbs' Portuguese Brigade (9th Brigade)

Col George Stubbs

  • 11th and 23rd Line, 7th Caçadores

Fifth Division
     LTG James Leith (w)
MG William H. Pringle

Greville's Brigade

Ltc James Greville

  • 3rd Battalion, 1st Foot: Ltc Barnes (w)
  • 1st Battalion, 9th Foot
  • 1st Battalion, 38th Foot: Ltc Miles (w)
  • 2nd Battalion, 38th Foot
  • Brunswick Oels (1 company)
Pringle's Brigade

MG William H. Pringle

  • 1st Battalion, 4th Foot
  • 2nd Battalion, 4th Foot
  • 2nd Battalion, 30th Foot
  • 2nd Battalion, 44th Foot: Ltc Barlow (k)
  • Brunswick Oels (1 company)
Spry's Portuguese Brigade (3rd Brigade)

BG William F. Spry

  • 3rd and 15th Line, 8th Caçadores

Sixth Division
     MG Sir Henry Clinton

Hulse's Brigade

MG Hulse

  • 1st Battalion, 11th Foot: Ltc Cuyler (w), Major McGregor (w)
  • 2nd Battalion, 53rd Foot: Ltc Bingham (w)
  • 1st Battalion, 61st Foot
  • 5th Battalion, 60th Foot (1 company)
Hinde's Brigade

Col Samuel Hinde

Rezende's Portuguese Brigade (7th Brigade)

BG Conde de Rezende

  • 8th and 12th Line, 9th Caçadores

Seventh Division
     MG John Hope

Halkett's Brigade

Col Colin Halkett

  • 1st Light Battalion, King's German Legion
  • 2nd Light Battalion, King's German Legion
  • Brunswick Oels (7 companies)
De Bernewitz's Brigade

MG J.H. de Bernewitz (or von Bernewitz)

Collins' Portuguese Brigade (6th Brigade)

Col Collins

  • 7th and 19th Line, 2nd Caçadores

Light Division
     MG Charles Baron von Alten

Barnard's Brigade

Ltc Andrew Barnard

  • 1st Battalion, 43rd Foot
  • parts of 2nd and 3rd Battalions, 95th Foot (4 companies)
  • 1st Caçadores
Vandeleur's Brigade

MG John O. Vandeleur

  • 1st Battalion, 52nd Foot
  • 1st Battalion, 95th Foot (8 companies)
  • 3rd Caçadores

Independent Units

Pack's Brigade (1st Brigade)

BG Denis Pack

  • 1st and 16th Line, 4th Caçadores
Bradford's Brigade (10th Brigade)

BG Thomas Bradford

  • 13th and 24th Line, 5th Caçadores
Spanish Division

MG Carlos de Espana

  • 2nd Battaion, Regiment Princesa
  • Tiradores de Castilla
  • Caçadores de Castilla
  • 2nd Battalion, Regiment Juan
  • 3rd Battalion, 1st Seville
  • one battery of 6-pounders

LTG Sir John Stapleton Cotton (w)

Le Marchant's Brigade

MG John Gaspard Le Marchant (k)
Col William Ponsonby

G. Anson's Brigade

MG George Anson

von Alten's Brigade

MG Victor von Alten (w)

Bock's Brigade

MG Baron Bock

  • 1st Dragoons, King's German Legion
  • 2nd Dragoons, King's German Legion
D'Urban's Portuguese Brigade

BG Benjamin D`Urban

  • 1st Portuguese Dragoons
  • 11th Portuguese Dragoons
Julian Sanchez's Brigade

Col Julian Sanchez

  • 1st Lanceros Castilla
  • 2nd Lanceros Castilla
  • two 4-pounders cannons


Artillery (54 guns)

Ltc Hoylet Framingham

  • Ross´ Troop, Royal Horse Artillery
  • Bull´s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery
  • MacDonald´s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery
  • Lawson´s Battery, Field Artillery
  • Gardiner´s Battery, Field Artillery
  • Greene´s Battery, Field Artillery
  • Douglas´s Battery, Field Artillery
  • May´s Battery, Field Artillery
  • Sympher´s Battery, King's German Legion Artillery
  • Arriaga Battery, Portuguese Artillery

French Army

Marshal Auguste de Marmont, Commander-in-Chief (w)
MG Jean Pierre François Bonet (w)
MG Bertrand Clausel (w)

Chief of Artillery: BG Louis Tirlet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

1st Division
     BG Maximilien Sebastien Foy

Brigade Chemineau
  • 6th Leger, two battalions
  • 69th Ligne, two battalions
Brigade Desgraviers-Berthelot

BG Francois-Ganivet Desgraviers-Berthelot (mw)

  • 39th Ligne, two battalions
  • 76th Ligne, two battalions

2nd Division
     MG Bertrand Clausel

Brigade Berlier
  • 25th Leger, three battalions
  • 27th Ligne, two battalions
Brigade Barbot
  • 50th Ligne, three battalions
  • 59th Ligne, two battalions

3rd Division
     MG Claude François Ferey (k)

Brigade Menne
  • 31st Leger, two battalions
  • 26th Ligne, two battalions
2nd Brigade
  • 47th Ligne, three battalions
  • 70th Ligne, two battalions

4th Division
MG Jacques Thomas Sarrut

Brigade Fririon
  • 2nd Leger, three battalions
  • 36th Ligne, three battalions
2nd Brigade
  • 4th Leger, three battalions
  • 130th Ligne (absent)

5th Division
     MG Antoine Louis Popon de Maucune

Brigade Arnaud
  • 15th Ligne, three battalions
  • 66th Ligne, two battalions
Brigade Montfort
  • 82nd Ligne, two battalions
  • 86th Linge, two battalions

6th Division
     MG Antoine François Brenier de Montmorand

Brigade Taupin
  • 17th Leger, two battalions
  • 65th Ligne, three battalions
2nd Brigade
  • 22nd Ligne, three battalions
  • Regiment de Prusse (remnants)

7th Division
     BG Jean Guillaume Barthélemy Thomières (k)

Brigade Bonté
  • 1st Ligne, three battalions
  • 62nd Ligne, two battalions
2nd Brigade
  • 101st Ligne, three battalions
  • 23rd Leger (absent)

8th Division
MG Jean Pierre François Bonet

Brigade Gautier
  • 118th Ligne, three battalions
  • 119th Linge, three battalions
2nd Brigade
  • 120th Ligne, three battalions
  • 122nd Ligne, three battalions


Light Cavalry Division

     BG Jean-Baptiste T. Curto

  • 3rd Hussars, two squadrons
  • 22nd Chasseurs, two squadrons
  • 26th Chasseurs, two squadrons
  • 28th Chasseurs, one squadron
  • 13th Chasseurs, five squadrons
  • 14th Chasseurs, four squadrons
Dragoon Division

     BG Pierre T.J. Boyer

  • 6th Dragoons, two squadrons
  • 11th Dragoons, two squadrons
  • 15th Dragoons, two squadrons
  • 25th Dragoons, two squadrons


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