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Sakura Castle grounds

Sakura castle (佐倉城 Sakura-jō?) was a 17th-century castle, now only ruins, situated in Sakura, Chiba Prefecture. The castle was designated one of Japan's Top 100 Castles by the Japanese Castle Foundation.[1]


Under the orders of his Lord, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Doi Toshikatsu started construction of this castle in 1610, and was completed in 1617. It was based on the foundations and unfinished work of the Chiba clan, who themselves had started building a castle called Kashima Castle on the same site, in the earlier Sengoku period [2]

During the Edo era, the castle was ruled by a number of powerful lords, all loyal to the Tokugawa rule. The castle was considered a location of strategic importance, in particular as it protected the eastern flank of Edo.[2] Sakura Castle, at its peak, was a large complex; however, it was noted for having no stone walls. The defensive lines were reinforced by deep, dry moats, and earthen embankments (ramparts) demarcated the baileys. The main keep was actually a yagura relocated from Edo Castle.[2] The park was used for army barracks during World War II.

Current site

There is little left of the original castle, except for the moats, earthen walls, and some stone stairs. The National Museum of Japanese History now stands on the site of the castle.[2]


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