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Saint-Esprit-class ship of the line
Fight of the Ça Ira off Noli on 14 March 1795
Class overview
Name: Saint-Esprit
Succeeded by: Tonnant class ship
General characteristics
Type: ship of the line
Displacement: 1754 tonnes
Length: 59.8 metres
Beam: 14.9 metres
Draught: 7.5 metres
Speed: Sail

80 guns:

  • 30 x 36-pounder long guns
  • 32 x 24-pounder long guns
  • 18 x 18-pounder long guns
Armour: Timber
Notes: Ships in class include: Couronne, Languedoc, Saint-Esprit

The Saint-Esprit class was a type of three 80-gun ships of the line of the French Navy.

Builder: Brest
Ordered: 11 January 1762
Launched: 12 October 1765
Fate: Lost in storm on 26 january 1795
Builder: Arsenal of Brest
Launched: May 1768
Fate: Accidentally burnt at Brest in 1781. A replacement, Couronne was constructed from the salvaged remains. Renamed Ça Ira in 1792, this ship was captured by Britain on 14 March 1795, destroyed in an accidental fire on 11 April 1796
  • Languedoc Renamed Anti-fédéraliste and Victoire
Builder: Toulon
Launched: 15 May 1766
Fate: Broken up in 1799 in Brest

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