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Sadid-1 ATGMs (far right, ground) near their intended launch platform, the Shahed 129.

The Sadid-1, also known as the Sadid-361 or Fat'h 362,[1] is an Iranian TV-guided anti-tank missile derived from Iran's Toophan missiles.[2] It is described by multiple sources as similar in design to the Israeli Spike-ER missile,[3][4] and was intended as the armament for Iran's Shahed 129 UAV.


A mockup of the Sadid-1 was first seen at Iran's 2010 Kish Air Show.[3] As of 2016, the Sadid-1's guidance system, laser/TV seeker and propulsion unit were still under development.[5]

Operational history

The Sadid-1 was not operationally deployed on the Shahed 129; one source says this was due to problems with the launcher mechanism and guidance system,[4] while another source says that R&D was not completed because American sanctions prevented Iran from obtaining necessary components.[6]

In 2018, Iran claimed to use Sadid-1 munitions dropped from a Saegheh UAV.[7]



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