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SS Samingoy
Career (United States)
Name: Samingoy
Ordered: as type (EC2-S-C1) hull, MC hull 2357
Builder: J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia
Cost: $1,028,716[1]
Yard number: 142
Way number: 2
Laid down: 24 March 1944
Launched: 30 April 1944
Sponsored by: Mrs. Parks M. King
Completed: 13 May 1944
Fate: Transferred to the British Ministry of War Transport upon completion.
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: Samingoy
Operator: New Zealand Shipping Co., London
Acquired: 13 May 1944
  • Call Signal: GSVX
  • ICS Golf.svgICS Sierra.svgICS Victor.svgICS X-ray.svg[1]
Fate: Sold to Federal Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., 20 June 1947
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: Stafford
Operator: Federal S. N. Co., London
Acquired: 20 June 1947
Fate: Sold, 1950
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: Bimini
Namesake: Bimini
Operator: Nassau Maritime Co., Nassau, Bahamas
Acquired: 1950
Fate: Sold, 1959
Career (Panama)
Name: Hernan Cortes
Namesake: Hernán Cortés
Owner: Harris & Dixon Ltd., London
Operator: Cia. Auxiliar Maritima, Costa Rica
Acquired: 1959
Fate: Run aground, 15 October 1966
Status: Refloated, declared constructive total loss (CTL), scrapped 1967

SS Samingoy was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was transferred to the British Ministry of War Transportation (MoWT) upon completion.


Samingoy was laid down on 24 March 1944, under a Maritime Commission (MARCOM) contract, MC hull 2357, by J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia; sponsored by Mrs. Parks M. King, and launched on 30 April 1944.[2][1]


She was allocated to New Zealand Shipping, on 13 May 1944. On 20 June 1947, she was sold to the Federal Steam Navigation Company, Ltd., for commercial use, and renamed Stafford. After going through a couple of owners she was renamed Hernan Cortes and reflagged Panamanian, in 1961. She ran aground on Alacran Reef, Yucutan, and was declared a constructive total loss (CTL) on 15 October 1966. She was scrapped the following year.[3][4]



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