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SS Malakand
Namesake: Malakand Agency
Owner: Brocklebank Line
Builder: Harland & Wolff
Launched: 1905
Fate: Sunk 1917
General characteristics
Type: Cargo liner
Tonnage: 7,000 tons
SS Malakand

|module3= Career Namesake: Malakand AgencyOwner: Brocklebank LineLaunched: 1919Fate: Exploded 1941 |module2= General characteristics Type: Cargo liner }}SS Malakand has been the name of at least two ships, both of the Brocklebank shipping line, named after the Malakand area of the Indian sub-continent. One Malakand was a 7,000-ton cargo liner built by Harland & Wolff in 1905. She was used on a regular service between Liverpool and Calcutta but was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine in 1917. The second was another cargo liner built in 1919. It was in war service loaded with munitions in the Huskisson Dock, Liverpool when it was set alight on 3 May 1941 as part of the Liverpool Blitz. Although the eventual explosion is often attributed to a burning barrage balloon, this fire was put out. However flames from dock sheds that had been bombed spread to the Malakand, and the fire services could not contain the fire. A few hours after raid had ended, the ship exploded, destroying the entire Huskisson No. 2 dock and killing four people. It took seventy-four hours for the fire to burn out.[1]


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