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SS Lokoja Palm

SS Lokoja Palm (1947)

Class and type: General Cargo
Name: Zarian (1947-49)
Lokoja Palm (1949-66)
Despina L (1966-69)
Nova (1969-71)

United Africa Co Ltd (1947-49)
Palm Line Ltd (1949-66)
Compagnia Navigazione Kea (1966-69)

Nova Shipping Co Ltd (1969-71)

United Africa Co Ltd (1947-49)
Palm Line Ltd (1949-66)
Compagnia Navigazione Kea (1966-69)

Pergamos Shipping Co Ltd (1969-71)
Port of registry: United Kingdom United Kingdom (1947-66)
Panama Panama (1966-69)
Cyprus Cyprus (1969-71)
Builder: Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd,, Newcastle on Tyne.
Yard number: 21
Launched: 15 August 1947
Completed: December 1947
Fate: Scrapped (Dec 1971)
General characteristics
Tonnage: 7,369 GRT, 4,207 NRT
Length: 447.9ft
Beam: 56.4ft
Draught: 24.2ft
Propulsion: Triple expansion steam engine
Speed: 10.5 knots (19.4 km/h)

Lokoja Palm was a 7,369 GRT cargo ship built by Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd, Newcastle on Tyne[1] in 1947. She was laid down as Empire Birdsay and launched as Zarian. In 1949 she was sold and renamed Lokoja Palm. Towards the end of her career she was sold and renamed Despina L and then Nova registered in Cyprus, being scrapped in December 1971 in Shanghai.


Empire Birdsay was ordered by the Ministry of War Transport but the war ended before she was completed. She was built by Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne.[1] She was yard number 21 and was launched as Zarian on 16 August 1947 with completion in December.[2]


Zarian was owned and operated by the United Africa Co Ltd.[1] In 1949, the company became Palm Line Ltd and she was renamed Lokoja Palm.[3] On 16 December 1954, Lokoja Palm arrived at Avonmouth, Somerset with a cargo including 40 animals destined for London Zoo.[4] Lokoja Palm served with Palm Line for seventeen years and was sold in 1966 to Compagnia Navigazione Kea, Panama and renamed Despina L. In 1969, she was sold to Nova Shipping Co Ltd, Cyprus and renamed Nova. She was operated under the management of Pergamos Shipping Co Ltd. Nova was scrapped in China in December 1971.[1]


The ship was propelled by a triple expansion steam engine, she was capable of 10.5 knots (19.4 km/h).[2]


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