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SS Laura Bridgman
Career (United States)
Name: Laura Bridgman
Namesake: Laura Bridgman
Ordered: as type (EC2-S-C1) hull, MC hull 2382
Builder: J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia
Cost: $892,876[1]
Yard number: 167
Way number: 3
Laid down: 23 September 1944
Launched: 30 October 1944
Sponsored by: Ida Purcell
Completed: 13 November 1944
  • Call Signal: KTAF
  • ICS Kilo.svgICS Tango.svgICS Alpha.svgICS Foxtrot.svg[1]
  • Laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Suisun Bay Group, Suisun Bay, California, 16 October 1945
  • Laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Hudson River Group, 13 July 1950
  • Status: Sold for commercial use, 17 January 1950
    Career (United States)
    Name: Catherine
    Owner: Drytrans
    Acquired: 17 January 1950
    Fate: Sold, September 1957
    Career (Liberia)
    Acquired: September 1957
    Fate: Sold, 14 May 1958
    Career (United States)
    Name: Penn Explorer
    Owner: Penntrans Co.
    Acquired: 14 May 1958
    Fate: Sold, 29 November 1961
    Career (Liberia)
    Acquired: 29 November 1961
    Fate: Scrapped, 1968

    SS Laura Bridgman was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Laura Bridgman, the first deaf-blind American child to gain a significant education in the English language.


    Laura Bridgman was laid down on 23 September 1944, under a Maritime Commission (MARCOM) contract, MC hull 2382, by J.A. Jones Construction, Brunswick, Georgia; she was sponsored by Ida Purcell, the wife of bishop Clare Purcell, and launched on 30 October 1944.[2][1]


    She was allocated to Seas Shipping Co., Inc., on 13 November 1944. On 16 October 1945, she was laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, in the Suisun Bay Group. She was removed from the fleet on 26 June 1950, to be loaded with grain, she relocated to the National Defense Reserve Fleet, in the Hudson River Group, on 13 July 1950. On 12 December 1950, she was withdrawn from the fleet to be unloaded, she returned to the fleet empty on 19 December 1950. On 17 January 1951, she was sold to Drytrans, Inc., and renamed Catherine. In September 1957, she was transferred to a Liberian shipping company. On 14 May 1958, she was sold to Penntrans Co., and renamed Penn Explorer. She was again sold to a Liberian company on 29 November 1961. She was scrapped in 1968.[3][4]



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