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SS J. H. Drummond
Career (United States)
Name: J. H. Drummond
Namesake: James Hubert Drummond
Owner: War Shipping Administration (WSA)
Operator: American Export Lines, Inc.
Ordered: as type (EC2-S-C1) hull, MC hull 2309
Builder: J.A. Jones Construction, Panama City, Florida
Cost: $1,017,951[1]
Yard number: 50
Way number: 3
Laid down: 19 May 1944
Launched: 22 June 1944
Sponsored by: Grace Edith Drummond
Completed: 15 July 1944
  • Call Signal: WRPZ
  • ICS Whiskey.svgICS Romeo.svgICS Papa.svgICS Zulu.svg[1]
Fate: Laid up in National Defense Reserve Fleet, Hudson River Group, 23 May 1946
Status: Sold for commercial use, 27 November 1946
Career (Netherlands)
Name: Hugo de Groot
Namesake: Hugo de Groot
Owner: Netherlands
Operator: Nederland N.V. Stoomv. Maats, Amsterdam (1947–1950)
Acquired: 27 November 1946
Fate: Sold, 1950
Career (Netherlands)
Name: Amstelpark
Namesake: Amstelpark
Owner: Amsterdam N.V. Reederij, Amsterdam
Acquired: 1950
Fate: Sold, 1960
Career (Liberia Panama)
Name: Severn River
Namesake: River Severn
Owner: International Navigation Corp.
Operator: Wm. H. Muller, London
Acquired: 1960
Fate: Sold, 1965
Notes: Reflagged for Panama, 1961
Career (Panama)
Name: Angelic
Owner: Cia. Eleosa Nav
Operator: Kronos Shipping Co., London
Acquired: 1950
Fate: Ran aground, 25 July 1966
Status: Refloated, declared constructive total loss (CTL), scrapped

SS J. H. Drummond was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after James Hubert Drummond, the former mayor of St. Andrews, Florida, now part of Panama City, Florida.[2]


J. H. Drummond was laid down on 25 May 1944, under a Maritime Commission (MARCOM) contract, MC hull 2309, by J.A. Jones Construction, Panama City, Florida; she was sponsored by Grace Edith Drummond, the widow of the namesake, and launched on 30 June 1944.[3][1][4][2]


She was allocated to American Export Lines, Inc., on 20 July 1944. On 23 May 1946, she was laid up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, in the Hudson River Group. On 25 July 1947, she was sold to the Netherlands, for commercial use. She was renamed Hugo de Groot and sailed under a Dutch flag until 1960, when she was sold to International Navigation Corp., and reflagged for Liberia, and renamed Severn River. On 25 July 1966, after having been sold to Cia Eleosa Nav., and reflagged for Panama, and renamed Angelic, she ran aground off Nojima Saki, Chiba, Japan, in fog. She was refloated but declared a constructive total loss (CTL) and later scrapped at Yokosuka, Japan. [5][6]



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