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SS Heidberg
Name: Heidberg (1943-45)
Empire Convention (1945-46)
Ernst Thaelmann (1946-)
Owner: August Bolten Wm Müllers Nachtfolger (1943-45)
Ministry of War Transport (1945)
Ministry of Transport (1945-46)
Soviet Government (1946- )
Operator: August Bolten Wm Müllers Nachtfolger (1943-45)
Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd (1945-46)
Soviet Government (1946- )
Port of registry: Nazi Germany Hamburg (1943-45)
United Kingdom London (1945-46)
Soviet Union Soviet Union (1946- )
Builder: Helsingborgs Varfs AB
Launched: 1943
Identification: Code Letters GMFM (1945-46)
ICS Golf.svgICS Mike.svgICS Foxtrot.svgICS Mike.svg
United Kingdom Official Number 180342 (1945-46)
Fate: In active service as of 1946
General characteristics
Class & type: Cargo ship
Tonnage: 1,714 GRT
847 NRT
Length: 277 ft 6 in (84.58 m)
Beam: 41 ft 4 in (12.60 m)
Depth: 16 ft 2 in (4.93 m)
Installed power: Triple expansion steam engine
Propulsion: Screw propellor

Heidberg was a 1,714 GRT cargo ship that was built in 1943 by Helsingborgs Varfs AB, Helsingborg, Sweden. In 1945, she was seized by the Allies at Stettin, passed to the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) and was renamed Empire Convention. She was allocated to the Soviet Union in 1946 and renamed Ernst Thaelmann.


The ship was built in 1943 by Helsingborgs Varfs AB, Helsingborg.[1]

The ship was 277 feet 6 inches (84.58 m) long, with a beam of 41 feet 4 inches (12.60 m) and had a depth of 16 feet 2 inches (4.93 m).[2]

The ship was propelled by a triple expansion steam engine, which had cylinders of 20 116 inches (51.0 cm), 29 12 inches (75 cm) and 52 35 inches (134 cm) diameter by 35 716 inches (90.0 cm) stroke. The engine was built by Helsingborgs Varfs.[2]


Heidberg was built for August Bolten Wm Müllers Nachfolger, Hamburg. She was seized in May 1945 at Stettin, passed to the MoWT and renamed Empire Convention.[1] Her port of registry was changed to London. She was placed under the management of Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd. The Code Letters GMFM and United Kingdom Official Number 180342 were allocated.[2] In February 1946, Empire Douglas was transferred to the Soviet Union under the Potsdam Agreement.[3] She was renamed Ernst Thaelmann.[1]


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