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SS Führungshauptamt
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SS insignia (sig runes)
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The SS flag. The SS-FHA was the operations office of the Waffen SS and Allgemeine-SS.
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SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Jüttner, chief of the SS Führungshauptamt from 1943 until 1945.
Agency overview
Formed 1940
Preceding agency
Dissolved May 8, 1945
Jurisdiction Germany Germany
Occupied Europe
Headquarters SS Führungshauptamt, Prinz-Albrecht-Straße, Berlin
Employees ~4,000 c.1941
Agency executives
Parent agency Flag of the Schutzstaffel.svg SS
Child agencies

The SS-Führungshauptamt (English: SS Leadership Main Office) (SS-FHA) was the operational headquarters of the SS.

It was responsible for the administration of Officer Schools (Junkerschulen), Medical services, logistics, and rates of pay. It was also the administrative and operational headquarters for the Waffen SS that was responsible for its organisation and equipment and Order of battle of SS combat units.


The SS-Führungshauptamt, which was under the direct command of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, was formed in 1940 from some of the departments of the SS-Hauptamt and the Allgemeine SS. Its main duty was the operational control of the Waffen-SS developing general policy on recruiting and handling special personnel requirements. By 1942, recruitment by the Allgemeine-SS had almost ceased as a result of WWII, meaning local units were responsible for maintaining their own staffing levels.

The SS-FHA had priority over all other branches of the Armed Forces in selection of recruits. Likewise, to meet the casualty rates and expansion of Waffen-SS field divisions, service in the Waffen-SS was made compulsory for all members of the Allgemeine-SS in 1941. The SS-FHA also accepted personnel who requested voluntary transfer to the Waffen SS after being inducted into any another branch of the military of Nazi Germany; this later included members of the Hitler Youth. When Himmler stepped down as SS-FHA chief in 1943, SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Jüttner managed the department till the end of the war.


Departmental Group A (Amtsgruppe A) Organisation, Personnel and Supply (Organisation, Personal, Versorgung)

  • Amt I - Command Department of the Allgemeine-SS (Kommandoamt der Allgemeinen-SS)
  • Amt II - Command Department of the Waffen-SS (Kommandoamt der Waffen-SS)
  • Amt III - Central Chancellory (Zentralkanzlei)
  • Amt IV - Administration Department (Verwaltungsamt)
  • Amt V - Personnel Department (Personalamt)
  • Amt VI - Office for Rider and Driver Training (Reit- und Fahrwesen)
  • Amt VII - Office for Logistical Theory (Nachschubwesen)
  • Amt VIII - Weaponry Department (Waffenamt)
  • Amt IX - Department for Technical and Mechanical Development (Technische Ausrüstung und Maschinen)
  • Amt X - Motor Vehicle Administration (Kraftfahrzeugwesen)

Departmental Group B (Amtsgruppe B) Training (Ausbildung)

  • Amt XI - Officer Training (Führer-Ausbildung) and SS-Officer Cadet Schools (mit SS-Junkerschulen)
  • Amt XII - NCO Training (Unterführer-Ausbildung) and SS-NCO Training Schools (mit SS-Unterführerschulen)

Departmental Group C (Amtsgruppe C) Inspection (Inspektionen)

  • Insp. 2 Infantry and Mountain Troops (Infanterie- und Gebirgstruppen)
  • Insp. 3 Cavalry (Kavallerie)
  • Insp. 4 Artillery (Artillerie)
  • Insp. 5 Engineers / Technicians (Pioniere/Techniker)
  • Insp. 6 Panzer troops (Panzertruppen)
  • Insp. 7 Signals Troops (Nachrichtentruppen)
  • Insp. 8 Field Maintenance Troops (Feldzeug- und Instandsetzungstruppen)
  • Insp. 9 Service Support Troops (Versorgungstruppen)
  • Insp. 10 Motor Pool Troops (Kraftfahrparktruppen)
  • Insp. 11 Unknown
  • Insp. 12 Technical Training (Technische Lehrgänge)
  • Insp. 13 Anti-Air Artillery (Flakartillerie)

Departmental Group D (Amtsgruppe D) Medical Arm of the Waffen-SS (Sanitätswesen der Waffen-SS)

  • Amt XIII - Administration (Verwaltung)
  • Amt XIV - Dental Department (Zahnwesen)
  • Amt XV - Supply (Versorgung)
  • Amt XVI - Medical Treatment (Ärztliche Behandlung)

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