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SS Empire Adventure
Name: Eastney (1920-24)
Germaine L D (1924-31)
Andrea (1931-40)
Empire Adventure (1940)
Owner: Romney Steamship Co Ltd, London (1921-24)
L Dreyfus et Compagnie, France (1924-31)
Società Anonima di Navigazione Corrado, Genoa (1931-40)
Ministry of War Transport (1940)
Operator: Owner operated except:-
Runciman Shipping Co Ltd (1940)
Port of registry: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland London (1921-22)
United Kingdom London (1922-24)
France Dunkirk (1924-31)
Italy Genoa (1931-40)
United Kingdom London (1940)
Builder: Northumberland Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Sunderland
Yard number: 256
Launched: 13 October 1920
Completed: February 1921
Identification: UK official number 146165 (1921-24, 1940)
Italian official number 1829 (1931-40)
Code Letters NDAT (1931-33)
ICS November.svgICS Delta.svgICS Alpha.svgICS Tango.svg
Code letters IBXA (1933-40)
ICS India.svg ICS Bravo.svg ICS X-ray.svg ICS Alpha.svg
Code letters GLXW (1940)
ICS Golf.svg ICS Lima.svg ICS X-ray.svg ICS Whiskey.svg
Fate: Torpedoed by U-138 night of 20/21 September 1940, sank 23 September 1940
General characteristics
Tonnage: 5,145 GRT
Length: 375 ft (114.30 m)
Beam: 51 ft 2 in (15.60 m)
Depth: 31 ft 7 in (9.63 m)
Propulsion: 1 x triple expansion steam engine (Wallsend Slipway Co Ltd, Newcastle) 370 hp (280 kW) NHP.
Speed: 11 knots (20 km/h)
Complement: 39
SS Empire Adventure is located in Oceans around British Isles
Location of the torpedo attack and sinking of Empire Adventure

SS Empire Adventure was a 5,787 ton steamship which was built in 1920 as the Eastney. She was sold to France in 1924 and renamed Germaine L D. In 1931 she was sold to Italy, being renamed Andrea, being seized in 1940 and renamed Empire Adventure. She was torpedoed on the night of 20/21 September 1940 and sank whilst under tow on 23 September 1940.


Eastney was built by the Northumberland Shipping Co, Howdon, Wallsend,[1] as yard number 356.[2] She was owned and operated by the Romney Steamship Co, London. In 1924, Eastney was sold to L Dreyfus & Co, France and renamed Germaine L D.[1] On 25 March 1929, she was in collision with Alice Marie in the North Sea off Vlissingen, Netherlands. She was beached at Rammekens for temporary repairs to be carried out.[3] Germaine L D was refloated the next day.[4] On 3 March 1931, she collided with Southborough at Rotterdam, Netherlands. Southborough sustained some damage but Germaine L D was undamaged.[5] On 23 March 1932, she ran aground at Buenos Aires, Argentina, but was freed the next day with assistance from a tug. No damage was sustained.[6] In 1932, Germaine L D was sold to Società Anonima di Navigazione Corrado, Genoa and renamed Andrea. In June 1940, Andrea was seized at Newcastle upon Tyne and renamed Empire Adventure.[1]

Convoy OB 216

Convoy OB 216 departed from Liverpool on 19 September 1940.[7] During the night of 20/21 September 1940, Empire Adventure was torpedoed by U-138[8] 52 miles (84 km) northwest of Rathlin Island[9] 55°11′N 11°30′W / 55.183°N 11.5°W / 55.183; -11.5.[10] Although taken in tow by HMS Superman, Empire Adventure sank on 23 September 1940 at 55°48′N 07°22′W / 55.8°N 7.367°W / 55.8; -7.367. A total of 21 of the 39 crew were killed.[9] The survivors were picked up by HMS Arabis[7] and the Swedish merchantman Industria and landed at Belfast.[9] Those lost on Empire Adventure are commemorated at the Tower Hill Memorial, London.[11]

Official number and code letters

Official Numbers were a forerunner to IMO Numbers.

Eastney and Empire Adventure had the UK Official Number 146165[12] Andrea had the Italian Official Number 1829.[13]

Andrea used the Code Letters NDAT[13] and IBXA.[14] Empire Adventure used the Code Letters GLXW.[12]


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Coordinates: 55°48′N 7°22′W / 55.8°N 7.367°W / 55.8; -7.367

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