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SS Charles H. Marshall
Career (United States)
Name: Charles H. Marshall
Namesake: Charles H. Marshall
Owner: War Shipping Administration (WSA)
Operator: Polarus Steamship Co., Inc.
Ordered: as type (EC2-S-C1) hull, MC hull 2329
Builder: J.A. Jones Construction Company, Panama City, Florida
Cost: $921,909[1]
Yard number: 70
Way number: 5
Laid down: 11 October 1944
Launched: 17 November 1944
Sponsored by: Mrs. J. Philo Caldwell
Completed: 27 November 1944
  • Call sign: KYUO
  • ICS Kilo.svgICS Yankee.svgICS Uniform.svgICS Oscar.svg[1]
Fate: Placed in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Wilmington, North Carolina, 30 December 1947
Status: Sold for commercial use, 9 March 1947
Career (United States)
Name: Polarus Pioneer
Owner: Polarus Steamship Co., Inc.
Status: Sold, May 1951
Career (United States)
Name: Transamerican
Owner: American Union Transport, Inc.
Status: Sold, October 1954
Career  Liberia
Name: Gertrud Therese
Owner: Rutland Navigation Co.
Operator: Transamerican Steamship Corp.
Status: Sold, 19 September 1959
Career (United States)
Name: Pacific Thunder
Owner: Pacific Thunder Steamship Corp.
Operator: Transamerican Steamship Corp.
Status: Sold, 11 February 1960

SS Charles H. Marshall was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Charles H. Marshall, an American businessman, art collector and philanthropist who was prominent in society during the Gilded Age.


Charles H. Marshall was contracted on 22 April 1943 by the United States Maritime Commission (MARCOM) with J.A. Jones Construction Company, Panama City, Florida as MARCOM Hull 2329.[1] She was laid down on 11 October 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Clarence Graham, the wife of the assistant work manager of outfitting at JAJCC, launched on 17 November 1944 and delivered ten days later.[1][2]


On delivery on 27 November 1944, Polarus Steamship Co., Inc., New York, were appointed managers of Charles H. Marshall by the War Shipping Administration and she was registered with Official Number 246833 and home port of New York.[3][4] On 9 April 1947 she was sold to Polarus Steamship and by 1950 renamed Polarus Pioneer.[3][5]

After a series of sales and name changes she was returned to the Maritime Administration (MARAD) on 23 December 1963, under an exchange program, and placed in the James River Reserve Fleet, in Lee Hall, Virginia. She was sold for scrapping, 22 February 1972, to Eckhardt and Co., for $62,222. She was withdrawn from the fleet, 27 March 1972.[6]



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