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|module= Career (United States) Name: Alexander E. BrownNamesake: Alexander E. BrownOwner: War Shipping Administration (WSA)Operator: South Atlantic Steamship Lines Inc.Ordered: as type (EC2-S-C1) hull, MC hull 2321Builder: J.A. Jones Construction, Panama City, FloridaCost: $946,063[1]Yard number: 62Way number: 1Laid down: 18 August 1944Launched: 28 September 1944Sponsored by: Mrs. Robert Jones SisterCompleted: 13 October 1944Identification:

  • Call sign: KSYW
  • ICS Kilo.svgICS Sierra.svgICS Yankee.svgICS Whiskey.svg[1]Fate:

Laid up in the James River Reserve Fleet, Lee Hall, Virginia, 5 June 1946Status: Sold for commercial use, 23 December 1946, withdrawn from fleet, 27 December 1946 |module2={{Infobox ship career|embed=yes | Hide header = title | Ship country = | Ship flag =  Greece | Ship name = Michalakis | Ship namesake = | Ship owner =* Nicholas Eustathiou (1946–1958)

  • Memphis Maritime Co. (1958–1963)

| Ship operator = Compania de Navegacion Phoceana de Panama | Ship status = Sold, 1963 | Ship notes = |module3= Career  Panama Name: GeorgakisOwner: P. Wigham Richardson & Co.Operator: Nimor CorporationStatus: Sold, 1965 |module4= Career  Panama Name: HumboldtOwner: Consorcio NavieroOperator: Compania de Navegacion Limar de PanamaStatus: Sold, 1967 SS Alexander E. Brown was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Alexander E. Brown.


Alexander E. Brown was laid down on 18 August 1944, under a Maritime Commission (MARCOM) contract, MC hull 2321, by J.A. Jones Construction, Panama City, Florida; sponsored by Mrs. Robert Jones Sister, sister-in-law of Raymond A. Jones, vice president and general manager, JAJCC, and launched on 28 September 1944.[2][1]


She was allocated to South Atlantic Steamship Lines Inc., 13 October 1944. On 5 June 1946, she was laid up in the n James River Reserve Fleet, Lee Hall, Virginia, 5 June 1946.[3]

She was sold, on 23 December 1946, to Nicholas Eustathiou, for $565,691.07 and commercial use. She was flagged in Greece and renamed Michalakis. She was withdrawn from the fleet on 27 December 1946.[3]



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