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SS-Stabsscharführer was a non-commissioned officer title which was used by the Waffen-SS between the years of 1938 to 1945. SS-Stabsscharführer was not an actual SS rank, but rather a positional title held by the senior SS-NCO of a company, battalion, or regiment. Typically, those holding the position of Stabsscharführer ranked SS-Oberscharführer (OR-6) or SS-Hauptscharführer (OR-7) above.

Translated as "staff squad leader", the position of SS-Stabsscharführer was denoted by a special sleeve chevron, worn on the upper right shoulder of the field grey SS uniform.

Those holding the function of SS-Stabsscharführer had to be addressed Stabsscharführer regardless of the actual rank title Hauptscharführer, Oberscharführe , etc. The position of Stabsscharführer is most often considered equivalent to a first sergeant in the militaries of other nations. The position of SS-Stabsscharführer was unique to the Waffen-SS and was not used by branches of the Allgemeine-SS (general SS).

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