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SS-Oberabschnitt Ostland (SS Senior District Eastern Territories) was a paper command of the Allgemeine-SS established in 1941 in occupied Latvia. The command was headquartered at Riga and was intended as a General-SS counterpart command to the much more powerful posting of the Higher SS and Police Leader of Northern Russia and the Baltics (HSSPF Ostland und Rußland-Nord).

The only SS officer to ever hold the position of senior district commander was Friedrich Jeckeln. Jeckeln was appointed as the Oberabschnitt Führer (Senior District Leader) on December 12th 1941. The General-SS command under Jeckeln was never assigned any units, but reportedly a cuffband bearing the script "Ostland" was produced in 1942. The SS district itself was formally dissolved in March 1945 as Red Army units moved into the area, causing the Germans to retreat.


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