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SNCASE Baroudeur in flight
Role Lightweight fighter
National origin France
Manufacturer SNCASE
Designer W. J. Jakimiuk
First flight 1953
Number built 5

The SNCASE S.E.5000 Baroudeur was a French single-engined lightweight fighter designed by SNCASE (Sud-Est) for the NATO "Light Weight Strike Fighter" competition. An unusual design without a conventional landing gear, it used a wheeled trolley for take-off and three retractable skids to land. The Baroudeur did not enter production.

Design and development[]

The Baroudeur was a lightweight fighter, designed to operate from grass airfields. It used a wheeled trolley that could be used for take off from grass, and three retractable skids, the third at the tail for landing and for take off from snow or ice-covered surfaces. The three-wheeled trolley had provision to use rockets (two or four according to terrain plus two back-up) if needed to assist. Apart from the landing gear the aircraft was a conventional shoulder-wing monoplane with a 38 degree swept wing and tail surfaces and powered by a SNECMA Atar 101C turbojet with wing-root intakes. The first of two prototypes flew on the 1 August 1953. Three pre-production aircraft designated the S.E.5003 were also built with Atar 101D turbojet engines but the type was not ordered into production.


SNCASE Baroudeur at Paris Air Show, 19 June 1999.

S.E.5000 Badoudeur
Prototype powered by a SNECMA Atar 101C turbojet, two built.
S.E.5003 Baroudeur
Pre-production aircraft powered by a SNECMA Atar 101D turbojet, three built.

Specifications (S.E.5003)[]

Data from[citation needed]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1 (pilot)
  • Length: 13.49 m (44 ft 3 in) [1]
  • Wingspan: 10.00 m (32 ft 10 in)
  • Height: 3.04 m (10 ft 0 in) on skids[1]
  • Gross weight: 6,920 kg (15,256 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × SNECMA Atar 101D turbojet, 29.4 kN (6,600 lbf) thrust


  • Maximum speed: 1,140 km/h (708 mph; 616 kn)

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