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F220 Hamburg of the German Navy with SMART-L radar

SMART-L onboard F221 Hessen a Sachsen class frigate

SMART-L (Signaal Multibeam Acquisition Radar for Tracking, L band)[1] is a naval long-range search radar from Thales Nederland, formerly Hollandse Signaalapparaten (Signaal).

The phased array antenna has 24 elements; all are used for reception, while 16 are used for creating virtual receiver beams through digital beamforming. The beams' vertical elevation, and compensation for ship movement, is done electronically.[1] Horizontal training is done by mechanically rotating the entire array.

As designed, SMART-L has a maximum range of 400 km (220 nmi) against patrol aircraft, and 65 km (35 nmi) against stealthy missiles.[2] A software upgrade, Extended Long Range (ELR) Mode, extends the maximum range to 480 km (260 nmi). In 2006 HNLMS Tromp used the ELR Mode to track an ARAV-B missile from 150 km (81 nmi) during a US Navy ballistic missile defence exercise.[3]


  • Antenna system:
    • Dimensions; 8.4×4×4.4 m (28×13×14 ft), 7,800 kg (17,200 lb)
    • Number of antenna elements: 24 (16 transceivers, 8 receivers)
    • Number of beams formed: 16
    • Beamwidth 2.2° horizontal, 0–70° vertical
    • Polarization: vertical
    • Frequency: D band (former L band)
    • Rotational speed: 12 rpm
    • IFF system integrated, D band
  • Maximum detection ranges:
    • Stealth missiles: 65 km (35 nmi)
    • Patrol aircraft: 400 km (220 nmi)
    • Ballistic missiles:1000 km after software upgrade.[4]
  • Maximal numbers of tracked targets:
    • Airborne: 1000
    • Seaborne: 100


Ship Class Operator Variant Total Ships
Zeven Provincien FFG  Royal Netherlands Navy Smart-L BMD EW 4
Sachsen FFG  Deutsche Marine Smart-L 3
Type 45 Daring DDG  Royal Navy S1850M 6
Queen Elizabeth CV  Royal Navy S1850M 2
Forbin FFG  French Navy S1850M 2
Andrea Doria DDG  Italian Navy S1850M 2
Dokdo LPH Naval Jack of South Korea.svg ROKN Smart-L 4
Iver Huitfeldt FFG  Royal Danish Navy Smart-L 3
Total 26

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