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Atlas C (SM-65C)
Atlas C awaiting launch (USAF)
Atlas C awaiting launch (USAF)
Function Prototype ICBM
Manufacturer Convair
Country of origin United States
Launch history
Status Retired
Launch sites LC-12, CCAFS
Total launches 6
Successes 3
Failures 3
First flight 24 December 1958
Last flight 24 August 1959

The SM-65C Atlas, or Atlas C was a prototype of the Atlas missile. First flown on 24 December 1958, the Atlas C was the final development version of the Atlas rocket, prior to the operational Atlas D. It was originally planned to be used as the first stage of the Atlas-Able rocket, but following an explosion during a static test on 24 September 1959, this was abandoned in favour of the Atlas D.

Six flights were made. These were all sub-orbital test flights of the Atlas as an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, with three tests succeeding, and three failing.[citation needed]

All Atlas C launches were conducted from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, at Launch Complex 12.[citation needed]

Launch history

Date Time (GMT) Serial Apogee Outcome
1958-12-24 04:45 3C 900 kilometres (560 mi) Success
1959-01-27 23:34 4C 900 kilometres (560 mi) Failure
1959-02-20 05:38 5C 100 kilometres (62 mi) Failure
1959-03-19 00:59 7C 200 kilometres (120 mi) Failure
1959-07-21 05:22 8C 900 kilometres (560 mi) Success
1959-08-24 15:53 11C 900 kilometres (560 mi) Success

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