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SHOT Show official logo
Venue Sands Expo (As of 2010)
Location Las Vegas, Nevada (As of 2010)

The SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show is an annual tradeshow for the shooting, hunting, and firearms industry. It is the biggest event of this type in the world together with IWA & OutdoorClassics ("IWA Nuremberg"), also taking place annually. "SHOT", besides being a general reference to shooting, is an acronym for "Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade" (show). This trade show is open only to those in the trade and the press. The SHOT Show is restricted to members of the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade industry including commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products. It is not open to the general public.[1]

The first SHOT Show was held in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1979. The show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It rotates between Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana, and several other U.S. cities, although in the last few years it has taken place mostly in Las Vegas.

The 2011 SHOT Show featured 57,390 attendees including 1,600 exhibitors in over 58,000 square metres (630,000 square feet) of exhibit space.


Note: All attendance information courtesy of the SHOT Show Blog.[2]

Year Dates City Attendees
1979 St. Louis, Missouri 5,600
1980 San Francisco, California 8,500
1981 New Orleans, Louisiana 17,800
1982 Atlanta, Georgia 17,850
1983 Dallas, Texas 20,000
1984 Dallas, Texas 22,000
1985 Atlanta, Georgia 19,200
1986 Houston, Texas 20,950
1987 New Orleans, Louisiana 19,500
1988 Las Vegas, Nevada 19,800
1989 Dallas, Texas 23,500
1990 Las Vegas, Nevada 23,523
1991 Dallas, Texas 25,525
1992 New Orleans, Louisiana 23,262
1993 Houston, Texas 25,030
1994 Dallas, Texas 27,800
1995 Las Vegas, Nevada 29,600
1996 Dallas, Texas 28,500
1997 Las Vegas, Nevada 35,102
1998 Las Vegas, Nevada 32,759
1999 Atlanta, Georgia 25,814
2000 Las Vegas, Nevada 29,607
2001 New Orleans, Louisiana 25,496
2002 Las Vegas, Nevada 31,342
2003 Orlando, Florida 27,494
2004 Las Vegas, Nevada 33,264
2005 Las Vegas, Nevada 37,730
2006 Las Vegas, Nevada 40,892
2007 Orlando, Florida 42,216
2008 Las Vegas, Nevada 58,769
2009 Jan 15–18 Orlando, Florida (Orange County Convention Center) 48,907
2010 Jan 19–22 Las Vegas, Nevada (Sands Expo) 58,444
2011 Jan 18–21 Las Vegas, Nevada (Sands Expo) 57,390
2012 Jan 17–20 Las Vegas, Nevada (Sands Expo) 61,017
2013 Jan 15–18 Las Vegas, Nevada (Sands Expo) 62,371
2014 Jan 14–17 Las Vegas, Nevada (Sands Expo)

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