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Russian cruiser Moskva
Moskva in Sevastopol bay, 2009
Moskva in Sevastopol bay during 2009.
Career (RUS)  
Name: Slava
Namesake: Slava ("Glory")
Builder: 61 Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant (SY 445), Nikolayev
Laid down: 1976
Launched: 1979
Commissioned: 30 January 1983
Renamed: Moskva
Status: Sunk by two Ukrainian R-360 Neptune anti-ship missiles on 14 April 2022
General characteristics
Class & type: Slava class cruiser
Displacement: 11,490 tons
Length: 186.4 m (611.5 ft)
Beam: 20.8 m (68.2 ft)
Draft: 8.4 m (27.6 ft)
Propulsion: 4 COGOG gas turbines, 2 shafts 121,000 shp
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 10,000 miles @ 16 knots
Complement: 480
Sensors and
processing systems:
·Voskhod MR-800 (Top Pair) 3D search radar
·Fregat MR-710 (Top Steer) 3D search radar
·Palm Frond navigation radar
·Pop group SA-N-4 fire control radar
·Top Dome SA-N-6 fire control radar
·Bass Tilt AK-360 CIWS System fire control radar
·Bull horn MF hull mounted sonar
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Rum Tub and Side Globe EW antennas
2x PK-2 DL (140mm chaff / flare)
Armament: 16x SS-N-12 SANDBOX anti-ship missiles
8x8 (64) S-300PMU Favorit (SA-N-6 Grumble) long-range surface-to-air missiles
2x20 (40) OSA-MA (SA-N-4 Gecko) SR SAM
1x twin AK-130 130mm/L70 dual purpose guns
6xAK-630 close-in weapons systems
2x RBU-6000 anti-submarine mortars
10x(2 quin) 533mm torpedo tubes
Armor: Splinter plating
Aircraft carried: 1 Ka-25 or Ka-27 Helicopter

Moskva (Москва the Russian name for the city of Moscow, ex-Slava, Слава which means "Glory") is the lead ship of the Project 1164 Atlant class of guided missile cruisers in the Russian Navy.

The ship is currently held under the patronage of the city of Moscow.


Slava c. 1983.

Slava was laid down in 1976 in Shipyard 445 of the 61 Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant in Nikolayev, was launched in 1979, and commissioned on 30 January 1983. Slava returned to Nikolayev in December 1990 for a refit but was not returned to service until April 2000. Recommissioned as Moskva, she replaced the Kynda class cruiser Admiral Golovko as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet.[1]

In early April 2003, Moskva, along with Pytlivy, Smetlivy, and a landing ship departed Sevastopol for exercises in the Indian Ocean with a Pacific Fleet task group (Marshal Shaposhnikov and Admiral Panteleyev) and the Indian Navy.[2] The force was supported by the Project 1559V tanker Ivan Bubnov and the Project 712 ocean-going tug Shakhter.

In August 2008, in response to the Georgian crisis, the Moskva was deployed to secure the Black Sea.[3][4][5] After Russia's recognition of Abkhazia's independence, the ship was stationed at the Abkhazian capital, Sukhumi.[6]

On 3 December 2009 the Moskva was laid up for a month at floating dock PD-30 for a scheduled interim overhaul which comprised replacement of cooling and other machinery, reclamation work at bottom and outboard fittings, propulsion shafts and screws, clearing and painting of bottom and above-water parts of the ship's hull.

In April 2010 it was reported that the cruiser would join other navy units in the Indian Ocean to conduct exercises.[7] In August 2013 the cruiser visited Havana, Cuba [8]

In late August 2013, the cruiser was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in response to the build-up of American warships along the coast of Syria.[9]


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