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Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour
Бланк Почётной грамоты Президента России 1.png
Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour
Awarded by  Russian Federation
Type State Decoration
Eligibility Citizens of the Russian Federation
Awarded for Noteworthy service to the fatherland
Status Active
Established April 11, 2008
First awarded July 11, 2008
Почётная грамота Президента России.png
Badge of the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour

The Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour (Russian: Почётная грамота президента Российской Федерации) is an honorary award bestowed by the President of the Russian Federation to deserving citizens. It was established by Presidential Decree №487 of April 11, 2008.[1] The statute and regulations governing this award were amended on two occasions, first on January 12, 2010 by Presidential Decree №59 and again on January 14, 2011 by Presidential Decree № 38.


In accordance with regulations, the Certificate of Honour is a form of promotion and public recognition:

"For noteworthy service in defence of the Fatherland and ensuring the security of the state, for strengthening the rule of law, health and life, for protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, for contributions in public construction, in the economy, science, culture, the arts, education, sports, charities and other services to the state"

The Certificate of Honour is awarded during an official ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin. Recipients of the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour also receive a badge for wear on civilian clothing.[1]

Award description

The certifucate is rectangular and bordered by the national colours of Russia, white blue and red. At top center, the coat of arms of the Russian Federation, immediately below it, the inscription in gold letters on two lines "Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour" (Russian: Почётная грамота президента Российской Федерации). The recipient's name and the award citation follow below.

The badge is circular, 20mm in diameter and struck from silver. Its ruby enamelled obverse bears the gilt Emblem of Russia within a gilt laurel wreath. Each award is serialised on the reverse.[1]

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