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Active 31 Aug 1939 as Canadian Dental Corps. Redesignated the Royal Canadian Dental Corps on 15 Jan 1947. Disbanded/Decommissioned/Inactive
Country Canada
Type Corps
Role (Canadian Army) Permanent Active Militia
Motto(s) Sanitas in Ore (Latin, "Oral Health")
Colors emerald green
March "March of the Royal Canadian Dental Corps" (2). Slow march: "Greensleeves" [1]

The Royal Canadian Dental Corps (RCDC) was an administrative corps of the Canadian Army. The Canadian Dental Corps was authorized on 31 Aug 1939. The Regular and Reserve components of the Canadian Dental Corps were collectively redesignated The Royal Canadian Dental Corps on 15 Jan 1947.[2] The crest of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps consists of a circle of maple leaves, with a Kings Crown on top. At the center of the circle is the text "RCDC".

After the Second World War, a series of coloured berets were adopted, with other arms and services wearing midnight blue berets, with a large coloured "flash" in corps colours - emerald green for the Royal Canadian Dental Corps.[3]


When the Army, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force were merged in 1968 to form the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Dental Corps and Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps were deactivated and merged with their Naval and Air Force counterparts to form the Dental Branch (Canadian Forces) and the Canadian Forces Medical Service of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CF H Svcs Gp). The rifle green beret was adopted as the CF standard.

An annoucement dated 9 October 2013, revived the title Royal Canadian Dental Corps for the dental services branch of the Canadian armed forces. “The bestowing and restoration of the Canadian Forces Health Services historical names is an essential part of the government’s commitment to honour the memories of so many brave Canadians who have sacrificed in service to Canada,” said the Honourable Rob Nicholson, Minister of National Defence. “It reinstates an important and recognizable part of our military heritage, as well as a key part of our nation’s identity.”[4]

The Canadian Armed Forces website gives this as the vision for the dental barnch: "The Royal Canadian Dental Corps (RCDC), building upon our proud heritage, will be universally recognized as a premier military dental service capable of providing full spectrum dental care whose progressive actions will directly contribute to CF operational readiness and quality of life."[5]

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