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Royal Bahrain Naval Force
سلاح البحرية الملكية البحرينية
Coat of arms of Bahrain.svg
Active 1979 - Present
Country  Bahrain
Branch Naval Force
Size 1770 (Navy and Coastguard)
Part of Ministry of Defense
Bahrain Defense Force
Nickname(s) RBNF
Engagements Invasion of Kuwait
Gulf War
Commander of the Navy Mohammed Yousif Alasam
Naval Ensign Flag of Bahrain.svg
Naval Flag Flag of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force.svg

The Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) (previously known as Bahrain Defense Force, Naval Branch) is the maritime branch of the Bahrain Defense Force. The current Commander of the Royal Bahrain Naval Force is Commodore Mohammed Yousif Alasam. The navy consists of 7 combat vessels, 31 patrol craft, 10 landing ships and over 700 personnel. The Fleet is based at Mina Sulman Naval Base and has a flight wing which can operate off the corvettes, consisting of two MBB BO-105 helicopters. The flagship of the RBNF is the vessel RBNS Sabha, an American-built missile frigate given to the state as a gift in 1996.


Type/Class Quantity Origin In service Details
Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate (RBNS Sabha) 1 United States 1981 - Present 4 Harpoon SSMs, 1 MBB BO-105 shipboard helicopter, and SM-1MR SAMs.[1]
Al-Manama class Lürssen FPB 62 Guided-Missile Patrol Combatants 2  Germany 1988 - Present 4 MM40 Exocets.[1][2] Being upgraded with new weapon control system[3]
Ahmed Al Fateh class Lürssen TNC 45 Guided-Missile Patrol Craft 4  Germany 1984 - Present 4 MM40 Exocets[1] Being upgraded with new weapon control system[3]
Al Riffa class Lürssen FPB 38 Patrol Craft 2  Germany 1982 - Present [1]
Al Jarim Swiftships 65 Patrol Boat 2 United States 1982 - Present [1]
Mark V Special Operations Craft 2 United States ? 5 more on order[4]
BMT Group 18m patrol boat 6  UK 2013 - Present Built in Turkey, option for 6 more[5]
Wasp-11 2      
Wasp-20 2      
Wasp-30 1      
VT Group VT-Halmatic 20 4  Qatar    
VT Group VT-Halmatic 160 6  Qatar    
Fairey Marine Swordsman 4  United Kingdom    
steel landing craft 4  United Arab Emirates 2009+ 2 42-meter and 2 16-meter
LCU-1466 4 United States    
Fairey Marine LCU 1  United Kingdom    
Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company Landing craft 1  Bahrain 2016 34.5m in overall length,[6] 1 more could be ordered

Missiles & Torpedoes

67 MM-40 delivered between 1984–2010. 8 Harpoon (missile) delivered 1997–8. 22 RIM-66 Standard RIM-66B Standard-1MR delivered 1997. 18 Mark 46 torpedo Mk-46 Mod-5 NEARTIP delivered 1997.


The naval force operates a single Bo 105CBS-4 helicopter.[7]


Sep. 8, 2017 - The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Bahrain for two 35 Meter Fast Patrol Boats. The estimated cost is $60.25 million.[8]

Bahrain may purchase another frigate from the US, USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG-49) could be purchased in 2019 so that Bahrain has two frigates.[9]

Bahrain has ordered 6 Vigor RB-M Fast Interceptor boats.[10]


RBNS Sabha in April 2008.

  • Mina Salman Naval Base is a facility currently shared with the United States Navy and is used as a ship and submarine logistic support base for the entire US Fifth Fleet. It was opened in the 1980s as cargo facility and is now solely used as a naval port.
  • Manama Naval Base is another key US Navy installation and formerly home to HMS Juffair. It is not used by RBNF.
  • RBNF also operates a shipyard that is shared with several other neighbouring countries.


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