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Rizal-class corvette
BRP Rizal and Quezon.jpg
BRP Rizal (PS-74) and BRP Quezon (PS-70)
Class overview
Name: Rizal class Patrol Corvette
Builders: Associated Shipbuilding Corp. and Savannah Machine and Foundry Co., USA
Operators: Philippine Navy
Preceded by: Miguel Malvar class corvette
Succeeded by: Jacinto class corvette
Active: 2
General characteristics
Class & type: Rizal class
Type: Patrol Corvette
Displacement: 1,090 tons standard, 1,250 tons full load
Length: 221.67 ft (67.57 m)
Beam: 32.67 ft (9.96 m)
Draft: 10.75 ft (3.28 m)
Installed power: 5,800 shp (4,300 kW)
Propulsion: 2 × GM EMD 16V-645E6 Diesel Engines
Speed: 18 knots (33 km/h) maximum
Range: 5,000 nmi (9,300 km) at 14 knots (26 km/h)
Complement: 80
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Raytheon SPS-5C G/H-band Surface Search Radar
  • DAS 3 I-band Navigation Radar
  • SQS-17B hull-mounted Sonar (high frequency)
  • Mk52 GFCS for 3"/50 guns
  • Mk51 GFCS for 40 mm guns[1]
  • 2 × 3"/50 caliber gun Mk26 dual purpose guns
  • 2 × Twin Bofors 40 mm gun
  • 2 × Twin 20 mm Oerlikon guns
  • 4 × 50 caliber machine guns
  • The Rizal class is a ship class of two patrol corvettes currently in service of the Philippine Navy, and are currently its largest class of corvettes. These ships were formerly used by the US Navy as Auk class minesweepers. Under the Philippine Navy, the two vessels have undergone upgrades and modification, and were categorized as corvettes.


    The Auk class of naval ships were Allied minesweepers serving with the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy during the Second World War. In total, there were a recorded 95 Auk class minesweepers under Allied command during that time.

    Thirty-two minesweepers were ordered by the US (as BAM-1 to 32) intending them to be supplied to the Royal Navy under Lend-lease but 12 were retained for USN use and given names and "AM" hull classification prefix. Those transferred were given "J" pennant number prefixs and formed the Catherine class

    Eleven minesweepers of the Auk class were lost in World War II; only one (USS Skill) was sunk — by U-593.[2]

    Out of the reserved US Navy units, two were transferred to the Philippines as part of the US Military Assistance Program, these were USS Murrelet (renamed BRP Rizal) in 1965, and USS Vigilance (renamed BRP Quezon) in 1967.

    Both ships were stricken in 1994, but were overhauled with assistance from Hatch & Kirk, Inc., and returned to service in 1995-1996. Recent upgrades includes a satellite radio dish for communications.[3] As of 2008, both ships are still on the active roster of the Philippine Navy, and are assigned with the Patrol Force.[4][5]

    With 40 years of active duty with the Philippine Navy, both have been involved local and international crisis, exercises, and incidents.[6][7]

    Technical details

    Although fairly armed for her size, her weapon systems are manually operated and are of World War II origin.

    The two Mk24 3"/50 caliber guns, the ships' primary weapons, have a range of up to 14,600 yards (13,400 m) yards and are also capable of anti-aircraft warfare.

    In addition to the above mentioned guns, she also carries a total of two twin Mk1 Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft guns, two twin Mk4 20 mm Oerlikon cannons, and four 50 caliber machine guns.[8]

    The ship is powered by two Electro-Motive 16-645E7 diesel engines with a combined power of around 5,800 bhp (4,300 kW) driving two propellers. The main engines can propel the 1,250 ton (full load) ship at a maximum speed of around 18 knots (33 km/h). It has a maximum range of 5,000 nautical miles (9,260 km) at a speed of 12 knots (22 km/h).[9][10]

    Ships in Class

    Bow number Ship name Launched Commissioned Service Status
    PS-70 BRP Quezon 5 April 1943 19 August 1967 Philippine Navy Patrol Force Active
    PS-74 BRP Rizal 29 December 1944 18 June 1965 Philippine Navy Patrol Force Active



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