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Richard Beebe in the original line-up of Lew Irwin and The Credibility Gap (left to right): John Gilliland, Thom Beck, Len Chandler, Richard Beebe, and Lew Irwin from An Album of Political Pornography[1]

Richard Paul Beebe (December 5, 1929[2] – August 29, 1998)[3] was an American radio personality who was on the air for five decades in Los Angeles and won two Golden Mic Awards. A journalist at KRLA 1110,[4][5] he became a founding member of The Credibility Gap.[6][7] His experience and wit were key to most versions of the group. He was an original beatnik still working and being creative in the late 1960s when he discovered Harry Shearer, David L. Lander, and Michael McKean, all much younger than he.[citation needed] He left the Gap in 1975.[8] Some of their early work can be heard at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles and New York City.[9]

Beebe performed the voice of Dewey Phillips on the Pop Chronicles documentary.[10] He returned to KR:A in 1991.[11]

An Air Force veteran, he died of lung cancer in 1998.[6]


  • An Album Of Political Pornography, with Lew Irwin and the Credibility Gap (Blue Thumb, 1968)[1]
  • Woodshtick and More (1971)
  • A Great Gift Idea (Reprise, 1974)
  • The Bronze Age of Radio (Waterhouse, 1977)


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