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A German Army Marder fires its Rh202 20 mm cannon on a training exercise.

The Rh202 is autocannon with a calibre of 20 mm designed and produced by Rheinmetall.

The cannon is used on military vehicles of German origin, like the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, the Spähpanzer Luchs and some variants of the Wiesel AWC. It is also used in the Argentinian VCTP, an IFV based on the TAM chassis. German naval ships also employed Rh202 mounts (usually 2 on frigates and destroyers, 4 on larger replenishment ships), but they have been or are currently replaced with the new Mauser (now a subsidiary of Rheinmetall) MLG 27 remote controlled guns of 27 mm calibre.


  • Type: single-barrel automatic cannon
  • Caliber: 20 mm x 139 (0.79 in)
  • Operation: Gas operated
  • Length: 2612 mm (8 ft 7 in)
  • Barrel length: 2002 mm
  • Rifling angle: 6°
  • Weight (complete): 75 kg (165 lb) single feed; 83 kg (183 lb) dual feed
  • Rate of fire: 880-1,000 rpm
  • Effective range: 2000 m
  • Max. range: 7000 m
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,050 to 1,150 m/s (3,440 to 3,770 ft/s)
  • Recoil force: 550–750 kg
  • Projectile weight: 134 g (0.3 lb) full calibre; 108 g APDS

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