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A number of revolts against the Turkish Revolutionaries broke out during the Turkish War of Independence.

Kemal Atatürk, who was the leader of the nationalist government of Turkey during the war of independence was primarily concerned about subduing the internal revolts and establishing domestic security. To achieve this, the parliament passed the Law of Treachery to the Homeland and established Mobile Gendarmerie Troops.[citation needed] These revolts had the effect of delaying the nationalist movement's struggle against the occupying foreign forces on several fronts. These revolts, such as those by Ahmed Anzavur, were put down with some difficulty by nationalist forces.[1]

Name Date Area Opponent Goal Conclusion
Ottoman Controlled
Revolt of Ahmet Anzavur (2 November 1919-
16 April 1920)
Manyas, Susurluk, Gönen Kuva-yi Seyyare ? ?
Kuva-i İnzibatiye ? Bolu, Düzce, Hendek, Adapazarı Kuva-yi Seyyare Caliphate army, sympathetic to Islamism and the ailing monarchy, armed by the British Prevention of National Forces towards the straits
Fuadal Originated Riots
Yozgat Rebellion ? Yozgat Kuva-yi Seyyare 1) Çerkez Ethem, 2) Turkish National Forces ?
Çopur Musa Rebellion ? Afyon Kuva-yi Seyyare Supported by Greeks to prevent Organization of national forces. ?
Konya Rebellion ? Konya Turkish National Forces Supported by French, British, and Italian military. The rioters opened a jihad against the Mustafa Kemal's forces, claiming that he aimed to abolished the 1300-year-old Islamic caliphate, held by the Ottomans since 1517 ?
Milli Tribe Rebellion 1 June-
8 July 1920
Urfa Turkish National Forces (5th army) This main Kurdish tribe was rioted against the Nationals supported by French, and British military and Armenians and other smaller Kurdish tribes ?
Kockiri Rebellion July 1920-
June 1921
? ? ? ?
Demirci Mehmet Efe Rebellion ? ? Refet Bey ? ?
Çerkez Ethem Rebellion ? ? İsmet Bey ? ?
Revenge Regiment Rebellion 10 July 1920 Adana ? ? ?
Pontus Rebellion November 1920 ? Topal Osman
Nureddin Pasha
? ?


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