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Republic of Vietnam Marine Division
Vietnamese Airborne Division 's Insignia.svg
Shoulder sleeve insignia
Active 1948 – 30 April 1975
Country  South Vietnam
Branch  South Vietnam Army
Type Airborne
Engagements Vietnam War
Division flag Flag of the ARVN Airborne Division.svg

Paratrooper Hoàng Ngọc Giao (the 5h Airborne Battalion), 1967.

The Vietnamese Airborne Division was one of the earliest components of the Republic of Vietnam’s Military Forces (Quân Đội Quốc Gia Việt Nam). The Vietnamese Airborne Division began as companies organised in 1948, prior to any agreement over armed forces in Vietnam. After the partition of Vietnam, it became a part of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.


Vietnamese Airborne Division was one of the most elite fighting forces in the ARVN. It was placed as a reserve unit along with the South Vietnamese Marine Division. Headquarters of the Airborne Division was outside of Saigon. The Airborne Division would mobilize anywhere within the four corps at a moments notice. The main use of the Airborne was to engage and destroy People's Army of Vietnam ('NVA') and Viet Cong forces, not hold a specific region like the infantry units.


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