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Rank Structure

The rank system of the Republic of China Army is based on Wehrmacht during the Sino-Germany cooperation era. Currently, the rank structure is getting closer to the one used by the United States Army.

Chinese English Insignia
Generals 特級上將 Generalissimo or
General Special Class[1]
General Special Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
一級上將 Senior General or
General First Class
General First Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
二級上將 General or
General Second Class
General Second Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
中將 Lieutenant General Major General rank insignia (ROC).jpg
少將 Major General Brigadier General rank insignia (ROC).jpg
Senior officers 上校 Colonel Colonel rank insignia (ROC).jpg
中校 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel rank insignia (ROC).jpg
少校 Major Major rank insignia (ROC).jpg
Junior officers 上尉 Captain Captain rank insignia (ROC).jpg
中尉 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant rank insignia (ROC).jpg
少尉 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant rank insignia (ROC).jpg
Warrant officers 一等士官長 Sergeant Major Warrant Officer First Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
二等士官長 First Sergeant Warrant Officer Second Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
三等士官長 Sergeant First Class Warrant Officer Third Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
Sergeants 上士 Staff Sergeant Sergeant Major rank insignia (ROC).jpg
中士 Sergeant Sergeant rank insignia (ROC).jpg
下士 Corporal Junior Sergeant rank insignia (ROC).jpg
Privates 上等兵 Private First Class Senior Private rank insignia (ROC).jpg
一等兵 Private Second Class Private First Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
二等兵 Private Private Second Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg


  1. The rank was bestowed only once - upon Chiang Kai-shek and currently is abolished.

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