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Rank Structure[]

The rank system of the Republic of China Army is based on Wehrmacht during the Sino-Germany cooperation era. Currently, the rank structure is getting closer to the one used by the United States Army.

Chinese English Insignia
Generals 特級上將 Generalissimo or
General Special Class[1]
General Special Class rank insignia (ROC).jpg
一級上將 Senior General or
General First Class
二級上將 General or
General Second Class
中將 Lieutenant General Taiwan-army-OF-8-H.jpg
少將 Major General Taiwan-army-OF-7-H.jpg
Senior officers 上校 Colonel Taiwan-army-OF-5-H.jpg
中校 Lieutenant Colonel Taiwan-army-OF-4-H.jpg
少校 Major Taiwan-army-OF-3-H.jpg
Junior officers 上尉 Captain Taiwan-army-OF-2-H.jpg
中尉 First Lieutenant Taiwan-army-OF-1b-H.jpg
少尉 Second Lieutenant Taiwan-army-OF-1a-H.jpg
Warrant officers 一等士官長 Sergeant Major Taiwan-army-OR-9-H.jpg
二等士官長 First Sergeant Taiwan-army-OR-8-H.jpg
三等士官長 Sergeant First Class Taiwan-army-OR-7-H.jpg
Sergeants 上士 Staff Sergeant Taiwan-army-OR-9-H.jpg
中士 Sergeant Taiwan-army-OR-5-H.jpg
下士 Corporal Taiwan-army-OR-4-H.jpg
Privates 上等兵 Private First Class Taiwan-army-OR-3.jpg
一等兵 Private Second Class Taiwan-army-OR-2.jpg
二等兵 Private Taiwan-army-OR-1.jpg


  1. The rank was bestowed only once - upon Chiang Kai-shek and currently is abolished.

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