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Renegade Period
Part of the Apache Wars, American Indian Wars
Hiding behind a rock, two Apaches plan to ambush a traveler.
Renegade Apaches, by Henry F. Farny.
LocationSouthwest United States, Northern Mexico
Result United States/Mexican victory
United States
Commanders and leaders
United States George Crook
United States Nelson A. Miles
United States Al Sieber
Mexico Emilio Kosterlitsky
Apache Kid

The Renegade period of the Apache Wars refers to the conflicts between the United States and Mexico and the Apache people who left the reservation system between 1879 and 1886, and renegade Apaches who lived in northern Mexico into the 1920s.[1] Chief Victorio and the medicine man Geronimo were perhaps the best known renegades of the time.

The last Apache raid into the United States occurred as late as 1924 when a band of natives stole some horses from Arizona settlers. This is considered to be the very end of the American Indian Wars.[2][3][4]


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