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René Renoult.

René Renoult (29 August 1867 in Paris – 30 April 1946 in Paris) was a French Minister and lawyer. Renoult is the son of Étienne and Élisa Geranger, a female day laborer. He studied at the Faculty of Law in Paris and obtained his doctorate in 1888. He married for the first time with Blanche-Clothilde Wormser in 1910, and a second time with Henriette-Emelie-Céleste Giriat in 1937. Renoult was member of the Radical Party. His political career started in 1911, when he became General Counselor of the Lure commune (until 1913). In 1902 he became deputy for the Haute-Saône département (until 1919). From 1920-1941 he was Senator of Var.


  • 1889: Chief of cabinet under Charles Floquet, president of the Chamber of Deputies.
  • 1903: President of the Radical Party
  • 1911–1912: Minister of Labour and Social Security Provisions
  • 1913–1914: Minister of the Interior
  • 1914: Minister of Finance (during 85 days).
  • 1914: Minister of Transportation
  • 1924–1926, 1932–1933: Minister of Justice
  • 1926: Minister of the Marine.
Political offices
Preceded by
Antony Ratier
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Théodore Steeg
Preceded by
Camille Chautemps
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Pierre Laval
Preceded by
Paul Reynaud
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Abel Gardey


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