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Regulated Area (No 2) was a region of England that was under government restriction during the preparations for D-Day and the Invasion of Europe during the Second World War. The order establishing Regulated Area (No 2) was issued on 31 March 1944.[1] This area comprised a 10 mile wide coastal strip extending from the Wash to Lands End,[1] intended to safeguard the preparations for D-Day in southern England. The restrictions were in place from 1 April to 25 August 1944[2]

Within this area, the movement of people was restricted.[1] Guards were placed at all points of entry to this zone,[1] and no visitors were permitted.[1] Within this zone, further localised directions could be issued, placing further restrictions on the local population.[1] These particularly prohibited the carrying of cameras, telescopes and binoculars on any highway or in public places.[1] Those directions were supplementary and were used in the more sensitive areas within the area.


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