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In the Canadian Armed Forces, a Regular Force unit or person is part of the full-time military, as opposed to being part of the Primary Reserve which has more flexibility. They receive more pay and benefits than members of the Primary Reserve and can be ordered into overseas deployments.

Regular Force personnel are employed full-time,[1] and have usually signed long-term contracts ranging anywhere from three to nine years, not including subsidized training or education.[2]

There are approximately 68,000 Regular Force personnel in the Canadian Forces.[3]


Royal Canadian Navy

The Regular Force component of the Royal Canadian Navy consists of the two fleets, MARLANT and MARPAC and all ships crews except for the majority of those serving on board the Kingston-class coastal defence vessels which are manned largely by the Primary Reserve.

Canadian Army

The Regular Force component of the Canadian Army consists of three field-ready brigades, with elements of a fourth located at CFB Gagetown:

Each brigade contains one regiment each of artillery, armour, and combat engineers and three battalions of infantry (all scaled in the British fashion), as well as a headquarters/signals squadron, and several minor organizations. A tactical helicopter squadron, a field ambulance, and a service battalion (logistics) are co-located with each brigade but not part of the brigade's command structure.

Royal Canadian Air Force

The Regular Force component of the Royal Canadian Air Force consists of all wings with their sub-unit squadrons at bases across the country.


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