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Regimental quartermaster sergeant is a military rank in some militaries, and an appointment in others.

Irish Defence Forces


BQMS insignia (Irish Army)

Battalion quartermaster sergeant (ceathrúsháirsint cathláin in Irish) is a rank in the Irish Army and Irish Air Corps equivalent to warrant officer class 2 (NATO OR-8) in the British Army. The equivalent in the Artillery Corps is regimental quartermaster sergeant.


Like the UK example, the regimental quartermaster sergeant is an appointment in a battalion-sized unit usually held by a second warrant officer. He is the senior assistant to the quartermaster, who may be a more senior warrant officer for non-combat units.

United Kingdom

Regimental quartermaster sergeant is an appointment held by a senior warrant officer class 2 in the British Army and Royal Marines. The RQMS is the senior assistant to the quartermaster of a regiment or battalion and also usually functions as the deputy regimental sergeant major. Some units have more than one. RQMS was a separate rank until 1915, when it became a warrant officer appointment with the creation of the rank of warrant officer class II.

In the Household Cavalry, the appointment is instead regimental quartermaster corporal.

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