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The Order of Battle of the Red Army at the Battle of Stalingrad. Order of Battle is as at 19 November 1942.

Red Army Order of Battle

STAVKA Representatives[1]:435

Stalingrad Front[1]:435–437

Colonel-General A.I. Yeremenko
Political Officer N.S. Khrushchev

Don Front[1]:437

Colonel-General K.K. Rokossovsky

  • 24th Army (General I.V. Galanin)
    • Rifle Divisions: 49th, 84th, 120th, 173rd, 233rd, 260th, 273rd
    • Tank Brigades: 10th
  • 65th Army (General Lieutenant-General P.I. Batov)
    • Rifle Divisions: 4th Guards, 27th Guards, 40th Guards, 23rd, 24th, 252nd, 258th, 304th, 321st
    • Tank Brigades: 121st
  • 66th Army (Major-General A.S. Zhadov)
    • Rifle Divisions: 64th, 99th, 116th, 226th, 299th, 343rd
    • Tank Brigades: 58th
  • 16th Air Army (Major-General S.I. Rudenko)

Southwestern Front[1]:437–438

General N.F. Vatutin

  • 1st Guards Army (General D.D. Lelyushenko)
    • Rifle Divisions: 1st, 153rd, 197th, 203rd, 266th, 278th
    • Front Reserve: 1st Guards Mechanised Corps
  • 5th Tank Army (General P.L. Romanenko)
    • Rifle Divisions: 14th Guards, 47th Guards, 50th Guards, 119th, 159th, 346th
    • Armoured formations added for Operation Uranus: 1st Tank Corps, 26th Tank Corps, 8th Cavalry Corps
  • 21st Army (Major-General I.M. Chistyakov)
    • Rifle Divisions: 63rd, 76th, 96th, 277th, 293rd, 333rd
    • Tank Regiments: 4th Guards, 1st, 2nd
    • Armoured formations added for Operation Uranus: 4th Tank Corps, 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps
  • 2nd Air Army (Colonel K. Smirnov)[2]
  • 17th Air Army (Major-General S.A. Krasovsky)




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