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Reconquest of Recife
Part of Dutch-Portuguese War
D. João IV - Carta manuscrita (1647).jpg
A letter written by the Portuguese King John IV ordering the attack on Recife
DateMay 1652 - February 1654
LocationPernambuco, Brazil
Result Decisive Portuguese victory
Dutch expelled from Brazil
 Portugal  Dutch Republic
Commanders and leaders
Francisco Barreto
Pedro Jacques de Magalhães[1]
Walter Van Loo [2]
2,500 men [3] Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Reconquest of Recife was a military engagement between the Portuguese forces under Francisco Barreto and the Dutch forces of General Commander Walter Van Loo. After the Dutch defeats at Guararapes, their surviving men, as well as other garrisons of New Holland, joined in the area of Recife in order to make a last stand. However, after fierce fighting, the Portuguese victoriously entered the city and the remaining Dutch were ousted from Brazil.


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