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Rear admiral
Rear Admiral of the Indian Navy rank flag.svg
Flag of a rear admiral
12-Indian Navy-RADM.svg British Royal Navy (sleeves) OF-7.svg
Rank insignia of a rear admiral
Country  India
Service branch  Indian Navy
Abbreviation RAdm
Rank Two-star rank
Next higher rank Vice admiral
Next lower rank Commodore
Equivalent ranks Major general (Indian Army)
Air vice marshal (Indian Air Force)

Rear admiral is a two-star flag officer rank in the Indian Navy. It is the third-highest active rank in the Indian Navy. Rear admiral ranks above the one-star rank of commodore and below the three-star rank of vice admiral.

The equivalent rank in the Indian Army is major general and in the Indian Air Force is air vice marshal.

Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan in a rear admiral's uniform.


Officers in the rank of rear admiral hold important appointments like Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet (FOCWF) and Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet (FOCEF). The flag officers commanding naval areas and the admiral superintendents of the naval dockyards are also officers of the rank of rear admiral. At naval headquarters, rear admirals hold the appointments of assistant chief of naval staff in different staff branches and those of additional director general.


The badges of rank have a crossed sword and baton over two eight-pointed stars and the Ashoka emblem above, on a golden shoulder board.

A rear admiral wears gorget patches which are golden patches with two white stars. In addition to this, the double-breasted reefer jacket has two golden sleeve stripes consisting of a broad band with one narrower bands.

Order of precedence

A rear admiral who is a principal staff officer ranks at No. 25 in the Indian order of precedence. Other rear admirals are at No. 26 in the order of precedence.[1]

Rear admirals are at pay level 14, with a monthly pay between ₹144,200 (US$1,950) and ₹218,200 (US$2,950).[2][3][4]

Rank insignia and personal flag

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