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Ratnik (Russian: Ратник; Warrior) is a Russian infantry combat system. It is designed to improve the connectivity and combat effectiveness of the Russian army. Improvements include modernized body armor, helmet with special monitor (eye monitor, thermal, night vision monocular, flashlight), systems of communication and special headphones. "Strelets" ("Musketeer") system gives ability of voice and video communication. Also, it includes a GLONASS navigation module, so a squad leader can see location of each soldier on his small, book-sized, computer. With this computer, he also can give orders to his squad, send videos and photos to headquarters. Each soldier has his own tactical computer, but instead of leader's computer, this one is smaller, telephone-sized.

"Ratnik" protects almost 90% of soldier's body. In general, weight of full "Ratnik" equipment with the special thigh and shoulder bulletproof shields is 19-20 kilograms. Basic "Ratnik" (for engineers and medics) weighs 15 kg ( without thigh and shoulder guards).

"Ratnik" passed all of the tests, and going to be adopted by Russian Armed Forces. For Navy, bulletproof vest is combined with the life vest, so thrown to the water soldier won't drown.

In 23 October 2014, Russian Armed Forces decided to adopt "Ratnik"[citation needed].


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